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The Advisory Council

At the heart of Innovate Britain is an independently appointed Advisory Council of leading UK entrepreneurs, investors and government policy experts who are responsible for ensuring the independence of Innovate Britain and supporting businesses related to their individual areas of expertise.

Sir Eric Peacock

Eric has been leading companies since 1970 and served in positions at the UKEF, FCO, BIS and UKTI government departments.

Paul Soanes

Paul co-founded iD,  an experiential marketing agency, straight out of university. He has founded several other companies including seed fund Worth Capital.

Chris Phillips

Chris has over 40 years' experience in corporate finance, real estate and environment. He is chairman of London & Newcastle and Places for People.

Silja Litvin

Silja is a psychologist and founder of PsycApps, a digital mental health platform which developed eQuoo, an award-winning 'emotional fitness' game.

Mumtaz Naseem

Mumtaz holds 20 years experience working with high growth companies and advising at board and executive level on corporate strategy.

Nermine Dardir

Nermine is an entrepreneur and investor from Egypt. She is the Retail Operations Director of Wearable Technologies, an innovative UK workwear startup.

Council Member 7

Senior parliamentary figure and social entrepreneur, advisor, author and legislator with an interest in social reform.

Council Member 8

Financial services expert.
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