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Online application

Please fill in the form below to begin your Innovator Endorsement Scheme (EIS) application.


You are responsible for making checks that you are eligible as an individual to apply to the Home Office for the Innovator visa before you contact us. View the eligibility criteria.

I am 18 years old or over.*

I have previously never been granted an Innovator visa.*

I have at least £50,000 available or already invested in my business proposition, OR I am applying in the 'same business' category.*

I have at least £1,270 available as maintenance funds, plus the necessary funds for each dependent (if applicable).*

Personal Details

We require some basic personal details to contact and address you correctly.
First name*
Last name*
Email address*
Phone number*

Your proposition

Please tell us a little bit about your business proposition.
Business name*
What sector is your business proposition in?*
Please describe your position in the business and an explanation of your role in founding the business.*
Please provide a short description of the progress you have made on your business proposition so far.*
How does your business proposition meet new or existing market needs and/or create a competitive advantage?*
What skills, knowledge, experience and market awareness do you have, or are actively developing, to successfully run the business?*
How does your proposition have the potential for job creation and growth into national markets?*
Please upload a full business plan covering all aspects of your business.*
Accepted file types: Word, PDF, Powerpoint.
Please upload a full CV and any supporting documents to demonstrate your skillset.*
Accepted file types: Word, PDF, Powerpoint.


Please take a moment to check your answers before submitting. 

I declare that all of the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.*

By pressing submit, I give permission for Innovate in Britain to process my data and contact me regarding my application using the details I have provided.*

An error occurred whilst submitting your responses. Please ensure that you have completed all fields correctly.

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