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What makes a successful innovator?

Being an innovator isn't something you're born with.

It's a state of mind.


A successful innovator is...

A divergent thinker

While intelligence and expertise are attributes that will go far in most walks of life, a successful innovator must also be able to think unconventionally and bring something new to the table that will set them apart from the mainstream.

Bringing an alternative perspective or solution can be all that is needed to trigger a change.



Without the instinct to question the status quo and ask 'what if?', the radical changes that have shaped the world that we live in would never have taken place.


An innovator must be constantly querying and probing at the accepted order of things to find out if there is a better way.

A successful innovator is...



Rome wasn't built in a day. And much like Rome, the best ideas take time to turn into reality.

Setbacks and failures are an almost inevitable part of the journey an innovator takes, and yet if they believe in themselves and believe in their goals, even the most ambitious of objectives can be achieved.

A successful innovator is...


A successful innovator is...


A successful innovator must have the confidence and courage to step out into the unknown, without any footsteps to follow.


Although there are risks in any new venture, the rewards of being the first to unlock the potential of a new idea can be enormous.

A successful innovator will...

Seize Opportunities

Although history is full of people who stumbled upon a revolutionary innovation, the most successful innovators of today are the ones that actively seek to take advantage of emerging situations and find a way to make the world of tomorrow work for them.

The best way to give yourself a head start is to place yourself in an environment that nurtures and encourages innovation, and provides the freedom to fully explore new ideas.

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