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UK Business Support Programme (BSP)

The UK Business Support Programme (BSP) provides mentoring services to scale your business, achieve your growth targets, raise additional investment and build your network.
You can apply to the UK Business Support Programme (BSP) if:
  • You own an early-stage UK business that is active and trading
  • Your business activity is innovative, viable and scalable
Programme outline
The UK Business Support Programme (BSP) is suitable for both Innovator visa holders and UK resident entrepreneurs.
If you are an Innovator visa holder, we will assist you in developing a strategy to meet the required criteria for endorsement at the 6, 12 and 24 month checkpoints and UK settlement stages.
If you are a UK resident entrepreneur, we will incubate and accelerate your business in line with the same criteria - we believe these targets provide an excellent blueprint for business development.
How to apply
To enquire about this programme, please email us at
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